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notes from the abyss

"doomsday for all the beautiful people."

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Hi. I'm RKF of Korperschwache. Sun Ra is my god and the entire useless world is my overamplified, out-of-tune instrument. Some think I'm the antichrist. Some think I'm just a loudmouth. All agree I'm not in my right mind. I often make no sense; this is deliberate. "I can be a complicated communicator."
a. m. homes, abruptum, ac/dc, acid king, aghast, andrew vachss, angel'in heavy syrup, arab on radar, asian cinema, austin lounge lizards, band of susans, bisexuality, black metal, black sabbath, blondie, bob dylan, breaking circus, burzum, cats, celtic frost, cheer-accident, christy canyon, city of lost children, cold electric fire, contagious orgasm, corrupted, cub, cult films, dark ambient, death metal, diamanda galas, dissonance, doom, dream syndicate, drum machines, dystopias, early kiss, experimental music, fetish girls, field recordings, flaming fire, free jazz, funkadelic, gallhammer, godflesh, grindcore, guitars, h. r. giger, hang on the box, haruki murakami, henry rollins, hijokaidan, horror, impaled nazarene, iron kite, j. g. ballard, jack rose, jawbox, jesus and mary chain, john coltrane, john denver, john fahey, john prine, judas priest, kare joao, karen stackpole, kate dillon, khanate, kristin hersh, last exit, laura nyro, lee child, low, lucid dreaming, lush, lydia lunch, madeleines, mady gula blue heaven, maeror tri, manes, mc 900 foot jesus, megiddo, melanie, melvins, miki sawaguchi, minimalism, morbid curiosity, moss, motorhead, mountain dew, mz.412, nasum, nicole blackman, noise, nuclear death, om, oxbow, pain teens, painkiller, pink floyd, polyamory, pornography, public guilt, recording, reese's peanut butter eggs, robert poss, roxanne hall, roy orbison, ruins of beverast, seagull screaming kiss her, shellac of north america, six organs of admittance, skullflower, slayer, slint, sonny sharrock, spinal tap, spinanes, stephen king, steve albini, suishou no fune, sun ra, sunn amps, sushi, swans, takashi miike, tangerine dream, teenage jesus & jerks, tetsuo, the does, thomas pynchon, throbbing gristle, tom petty, tom waits, tone, tony conrad, totimoshi, townes van zandt, trains, transgender, troum, twin peaks, unsane, ut, venison whirled, vinyl records, weird al, ybo2, yoko ono, zeni geva