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sometimes low humor is what it takes.

Korperschwache - FEAR THE HEX

3xC60 Edition of 100

Black Canyon Drone starts things off right away with a blast of hyper
distorted guitar and doesn't stop for the remainder if the cassette.
Hidden melodies float in and out, with the occasional riff and drum
beat surfacing. Death Disco slows things down with stumbling drums
over layers of murk and blackened filth. Dissonance and Submission
finishes everything off with walls of buzz and shards of feedback. Not
for the open-minded.

Peasant Magik

Pretty pictures here.


The eyeballing game.

My overall score was 5.53. How will you do?

TOTIMOSHI: live acoustic "milagrosa"

TART BONUS: Heart vs. McCain / Palin.

public service announcement

Reposted from morbidloren's blog:

I'm having a sale on all back issues of Morbid Curiosity. If you would like to complete your collection (or do your holiday shopping early), issues 3-10 are available for $4 each, US postpaid. If you need international postage, let me know what issues you'd like and I'll do the calculation. I accept checks or paypal.

Issues 3, 4, and 8 are down to the last precious few. If you would like copies of those issues, let me know so I can set them aside for you.

Information about each issue, including contributors and topics covered, is up at http://www.charnel.com/morbidcuriosity.

Oh, and please pass this announcement around, if you would. I want to get these beauties out into the world where they can do some good.

Thank you!

Hillary? Tell a fib? O, that would never happen.

Observation: Alvin the Vacant doesn't appear to dig Portal. (An aside to kaliflower: if you haven't heard this band, you need to investigate, and pronto.)

once again....

The latest post of TOTDA is up. Included this time: reviews of nifty stuff like the Hellhammer demo reissue thingy, Marduk, Averse Sefira, Brekekekexkoaxkoax, Cry Blood Apache, Darsombra, and more.


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